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He does he's one of the only politicians I've ever seen to even talk about dental best dental insurance plans so I'm so happy about that but in the plan that I've seen is not that specific he says we're gonna cover dental but I haven't seen exactly what's covered I haven't seen if the root canals are covered the deep cleanings are covered or routine fillings are covered or preventive care things.

Which is what we really need so your community that you serve through Sage is near the Mexico border yes do you see a lot of undocumented immigrants we do so in that area there's a lot of undocumented immigrants migrant farm workers things like Dental Insurance Florida<span style=">Dental Insurance Florida that and it's not just them they have families a lot of times they have husbands wives they have children so what about those people so these are all people that we treat for free no questions asked.


You know a lot of people don't even believe it a lot of times Dental Insurance Florida they think it's too good to be true but that's what I'm trying to get out there and educate people and let people know that we're doing this service in treating this documented community what do you learn about the struggles that they face in their lives well it's it's amazing they a lot of them are scared let's say they might have a toothache.

Their child might be in pain but they're scared to come out sometimes and and go to a dentist Dental Insurance Florida or go to a health care provider because they think they might be deported just by seeing health care for fish professional or by or by making themselves known so they're there in a lot of fear very scared you started off in private practice yes so what led you to make the jump from to expand into serving a population that often gets ignored yes so my background is military.

I'm lieutenant colonel in the Air Force and I remain in there first reserves so I developed my altruism and my giving back to the community and my public service in the United States Air Force Dental Insurance Florida and I and I still own two private practices and in the area that I chose to have my private practices we have this underserved kind of mental medically and densely depressed population and I just couldn't take it these people weren't getting covered and so I decided to start the nonprofit organization treating.

Never Suffer From Dental Insurance Florida Again

Considering our discount we're going to really good job of my own finger on the back but if you go too wide accept the sacrifice event of discount and so therefore florida blue dental login the client isn't really benefitting much at all but you go to Merrill no one utilizes it so you've kind of got this interesting dynamic if you ever actually think about the networks.

How they're structured and considering how wide that network is they notice does a really good job of us of getting those discounts and keeping the cost contained florida blue dental login which which is ultimately reflected in how rich of a benefit we can offer to the insurance when we talk to those of you that are in the senior market for a moment because for the most part if you do an ACA I don't I've never heard of an agent who sells ACA doesn't try to sell supplemental plans.

                                                            Dental Insurance Florida

Because there's frankly no Commission on the ACA side but in the senior space there's still our agents they don't sell dental Dental Insurance Florida or other supplemental benefits alongside on Medicare a big reason why is because of regulations you know so you've got CMS assuming we're talking about an MA or PvP plan that's involved you've got scope of employment forms.

That are involved and so I want to try to give you first some market analysis and then choose very tactical advice on some things Dental Insurance Florida that are working well so first specific to kind of a market analysis if you're working at e market and they're coming off of group insurance of the folks tend to buy dental plan % of the t market intend to buy a dental plan so the the natural organic demand for a product like dental is higher than any other supplemental plan.

That's out there now you could sell a hospital and M&A; plan alongside of the Nemec I think that's a good idea or you could cross sell any other health product assuming we're not talking about life in annuities Dental Insurance Florida because those can't be crossed sold alongside Medicare would you can cross sell any other health product whether it's accident CI what-have-you and do so to varying degrees of success but once again out of all of those dental is going to be the only one where folks are actually going to ask you about it now we're just going to ask you do you have a good quality hospital.

Don't Be Fooled By Dental Insurance Texas

This is what we're offering in the state of Illinois the advantage of Plus plan a couple a couple distinguishing differences as we keep going and simple extractions underneath basic services for the spirit plans putting them down to major services dental insurance texas comparison I don't say any of this to be good better and different because anything.

That we change is going to have a corresponding rate change either positively negative if you cover a service at a lower percentage dental insurance texas that's going to lower your rate if you cover a service at a higher percentage that's gonna that's gonna raise your rate but I guess here's your headline the headline is if the prime star is the lead flagship product for Amaris which is what HCP represents on a direct basis the spirit product is a private label product off of prime stars ultimately the same styling and the same rating and so if you were to make these benefits match the rates themselves.


Would match so thus kind of the only other thing that comes into play is Commission dental insurance texas and the that is going to be probably the biggest distinguishing factor so if you go ahead and take a look at your spirit Commission if you're a Street agent that's % renewal which is being % first year with the % renewal whereas the HCP if you contact Tami she can run through all the levels with you but that's going to start at percent because your work on a direct basis instead of going through somebody else.

How do we get emeritus group enrollment applications for large groups yeah so that yeah dental insurance texas I or we don't handle any of the large group that's completely separate like I said there's about a hundred sales reps all across the country that support that plan and frankly I'm not as well educated what I probably should be on what that process looks like or how it even starts so I guess what I would offer would be um Tammy if you can get that individuals informations are me um I will refer them to whatever group covers that geographical location sounds good done if you could send me your email address that would be great and I'll get that over to Brian for you um let's see do we have other ones I answered one somebody had asked about the the Commission's.

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How to get private dental insurance

A big piece is Private dental insurance the research that we do a lot of people don't know this but we direct over a million dollars annually in research to discover a new SEM innate advanced technologies so a lot that we're doing and I think it's just important that people we go from big as small as people understand kind of .


What your military health system does for you so the secretary - the secretary defense  I mentioned a last slide our primary mission is is to ensure the health and readiness of America's servicemembers to go anywhere anytime so this is directly in alignment with secretary Madison's priority of increasing greatness and lethality so.

I think that's not a secret he's been clear about what his three priorities are in addition you'll see that one of his priorities is reform business processes so the military health system is one of the five areas that has been identified for reform when we when you look at that third bullet of his priorities so this is .

This is we're working with Commerce in DoD leadership to reform not only TRICARE like I mentioned but the entire military health system what you'll see on the left here is the current state of where we have three independent health systems really four if you count.

The National Capital Region and for those of you after the family members and reservists who have been to the military hospitals you know this approach currently results in a great degree of variability for your patient experience everything from how you make an appointment to the type of care you may receive.


You get that diagnosed Dental care condition same veteran let's say they want to come in and file for the knee they have documentation over the injury just never filed their claim we would then file the intent to file along with the yeah there any other medical evidence that we need and then submit the application so.

That would fall on the date of eligibility or the date of application whichever is last okay so would be effective the date of this application develop your claim your for submitting a formal plan with an intent to file or informal claims you would have days from submission to finalize your claim so again no need rushing trying to put something forth.

We just need to slow it down figure out a plan submit the intent to file get everything together and then send it okay very important this third bullet all of our body aches are not associated with military service it just happens okay you bad back you bad okay more than likely do something going over your service but you know you can't put everything under.

The Sun that's wrong with you on the service it's just a slice of time whether you serve two years at you're still not going to have everything like the service I'm very fortunate working in heavy weapons I don't have engineering issues but you have some veterans who only shot on the range for two

Weeks and all their hearing is shot I mean you just have to sit down and realize okay are these things that are truly related to service or they're not okay that's just being honest with one another you also want to read all your decisions to avoid continuous trips to the well every other month or something different get that one grant.


To seven percent are not in any network so then the rest ninety-five they released in one plan that's right that full coverage dental insurance in one plan that's a PPO and that's typically Delta is kind of like the Delta it was kind of the first in the marketplace ns-two actually started Delta in many states.

So if you took out Delta what percent of the dentists are on additional TVO's you know I don't I don't I don't have hard facts on that that particular one but I would think that that I would say at least mmm I think at least sixty percent would be more than two PPOs at least okay.



So let's how did this doctor who's taking okay look at the problem is very simple in dentistry so you know you you know you go to the ghost story by a bottled water the ghost or nose I bought this for cents I sell it for a buck you go into the dental office.

A patient a dentist gets done to an AM OD composite you say well what did that cost you to do that taking all your overhead and divided by the time we were in there how much I caught has no idea and then he signed up for different plans about full coverage dental insurance.

So he doesn't know what it costs to make the filling the crown I mean I've never met a dentist in my life who got known as a hygiene check stop there I said hey you've been checking Mary's hygiene for years she just did a cleaning examine bite wing.

What Is full coverage dental insurance with no waiting period

Full Coverage Dental Insurance I mean when I when Americans go buy their iPhone do they have the delay of some insurance that some salesmen got that the boss to pay for insurance or smart full coverage dental insurance with no waiting period phone or smart phone interns I mean the fact that and these guys go out and sell I mean what would he how much insurance think they sold last year or for or how much insurance you mean.

I mean what would it belted in wasn't Delta like nineteen billion or something they're like billion just in California alone I would again I don't know the exact number on that but I wouldn't be surprised you know our profession at this point I think is what a hundred and fifteen billion or so is roughly the the dental profession and well and.

That would be the you know the total Billings if you will and insurance a lot of offices in the cities particularly you know there's sixty seventy percent if not higher dental insurance and percent deny insurance now they may or may be out of network on some percentage of that but in other words percent percent of the people walking in the door have got a insurance policy oh that's .

A Johnson sixty to seventy percent of patients taken with insurance came you know not not refused to seventy percent of revenue that's right yeah that's right I mean but the data is clear on that is that.

When people have dental insurance they're far more likely to go to the dentist they are and they just don't like it you know they give the American Dental Association , a year dues they don't sell any insurance and then here's Delta and all these companies selling you know billions and billions of dollars of getting getting employers to pay for billions and billions dollars of subsidies to their patients and all the dentists .

Use full coverage dental insurance with no waiting period as dental insurance

I talked about Full coverage dental insurance with no waiting period what this plan you have and one option for an annual maximum of a thousand dollars well with the Affordable I'm sorry with the spirit dental plan to actually give you different maximum you can choose for so can I go back here you notice only one option thousand dollars you're looking at the note didn't plan that .

I have you have several three options you can choose from depending on depending on the level that you did so from down to you can maximize the other five and savings secondly instead of paying a you know one thing about myself I just tell it like it is so there's no surprise so every year you have to pay.

a fifty-dollar deductible on you know this major plan that I'm talking about here every year you pay a fifty-dollar deductible for your services and that resets after one year with this plan with these plans here they have a one-time $ lifetime maximum lifetime deductible launched a dollar lifetime deductible some class made like that some may not like it however I think instead of paying bucks every year so that comes to well you have already so if you keep this plan for five years Oh guess.

What has paid for that one time lifetime eww bucks alrighty now one thing I like about it is that your coverages for major services and basic are day i'm going to say this again compared to this type of dental plan basic months major sometimes no coverage or months major here coverage is day one ladies and gentlemen okay now i can i'm going to do a little video .

That talks about the details and plans and just to give you a tablet the reasoning there is a lot more flexibility with these annual maximum it's because you have portion of the maximums that are geared toward your basic and major services and a portion of the map of the annual maximum that is geared toward your preventive services so .

i love the flexibility of the planet so there are three different plan options that one could pick from as you see here there are no orthodontic services in this plan how we're revealed you start to have some orthodontic services not to mention another plan vinegar which you need the coverage levels that all just depends on what the climb is looking for my the top two .

top 10 tips about full coverage dental insurance with no waiting period

We look at Full Coverage dental insurance with no waiting period the reasons why people don't go to the dentist the number one reason is cost well if people are handling that cost objection by having insurance and they want to go to the dentist well then you as a dentist if you're accepting that you will see those patients .

Want to use that benefit that's already being paid for so as far as an office that would be that would be of a benefit to us we're again accomplishing our mission as a dental office by seeing these patients that is one of them service providing a service the service that's that's wanted out there another reason

maybe they might get something else and I'm thinking of but what's another possible reason Robert clean I think in general you probably have an increased case acceptance because the patient is viewing is viewing the fact that somebody else is going to be covering a portion of that of that cost

where if if they had a problem or something that need to be suffixed or solved and they had to come up with all that money out of pocket they may be less likely to do it I didn't think of that one but I've thought of in the pasture that wasn't one to two thank you friend why would you I would say just to increase case acceptance you know any patients look at it as and I try to tell them you know any better benefit is better than no benefit so let's use it let's

full coverage dental insurance with no waiting period

 hese full coverage dental insurance with no waiting period these these quote-unquote silver fillings silver fillings are half a silver fillings are really an amalgam full coverage dental insurance with no waiting period .


Which means a mix of different metals and half of them are Merck half of the amalgam is mercury and they have to use special equipment to get the fillings out of your mouth have to get this special equipment um authorized by the EPA and I believe its hazmat equipment that handles hazardous material.

When they take it out the fumes and the vapors have to be sucked into this into this this vacuum in order to stop those vapors from from being from you from being exposed to it and they show the exposure that happens they have these these little videos called the smoking tools in which they show you know.

the vapors rising off of the fillings from being rubbed so like when you chew when you eat hot things the mercury leeches out into your system and there are people who are like coming at me talking about all this is stupid you're spreading wrong information and they're even saying that the white fillings are not as safe as.

the UM as the silver fillings saying that the white fillings break you have to get them redone they're made from PVC and all this other stuff so listen you have to do what's right for you me personally from the first hand account in testimonies which i have heard personally I don't feel comfortable with the mercury fillings in .


Two maxillary central incisors are contacting each other the only surface in the mouth where we have this occurring number one surface or mesial surface is defined as that surface which is closest to the midline or as we go to the posterior to dental insurance Maryland.

It would be that surface closest to the anterior or to the front of the mouth in the midline would be the surface closest to the midline here our number- surface is our distal surface and it's simply defined as that surface.



Which is away from the midline or towards the posterior of the mouth as we go towards the posterior and it would be the surface opposite that of the mesial our number- surface has three terms really this is the surface which we see most commonly.

It's the facial surface that surface which is on the face side of the teeth it's the same on the maxillary and mandibular all these are actually so we can call it facial all the way from number one all the way around the number thirty to the side surface which is closest to the face dental insurance Maryland.

That's number three surface this also can be broken down into two different terms the facial surface in the anterior six teeth is called the labial surface it's number three surface again for record purposes and the facial surface in our posterior teeth it's generally called the buccal surface these buccal and ylabel.

How To Buy Ameritas Dental at Minimm Cost

That's generally always how it works well for me that tooth right here again without truth the baby tooth had very strong deep roots in my gums apparently and the baby tooth never fell out as all the other teeth did and the adult teeth grew in the adult tooth was underneath that baby tooth needed to go somewhere it was still there but because it couldn't come up because.

There was already a tooth there it actually started to grow backwards into towards the back of my mouth so it was actually really awkward um you couldn't see it when I was talking or anything but the part that was going backwards it was a very very sharp and so my tongue every time I would talk to always be hitting and hitting it and it didn't hurt but it was always noticeably there for me you know um but it was just something that.

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In your business and they don't believe in what you're saying about Dental Insurance Indiana and the patient and people are like you're somewhere like this to you we're always looking for a way to wiggle out of things particularly if it's going to cost us a lot of money.

If we've got to add the discomfort of having dentistry on top of that as well so we've got to look for that little add moment so if someone doesn't convey that urgency or makes it seem like it's less important or they're overly sympathetic towards the patient.

Rather than being caring and helping them to get the Dental Insurance Indiana done that patient's not going to bulk or if they do book they're going to delay exhaust or baby cancel all together now I have an amazing team in my office I have an amazing treatment and financial coordinating team

They believe in me and so if I'm saying to patient this is what you need and why you need it my team back me up on that so it's very important you've got the right people out there it's your front office in those roles backing you up believing in what it is you do and why are you doing and just you.

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