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we have access to the VA portals to look at a Ameritas Dental  veteran's claim let's say or speak to the veterans clinicians at the hospitals but we're not VA employees we work for Manatee County that means your tax dollars actually pays our salaries.

ventures ourselves and our whole purpose is to assist and advocate for veterans and their families there are a lot of benefits that veterans just are not aware of and it's our responsibility here in.

Manatee County to share that information with you weird visors and as I said for word advocates that means when we pose the door you can tell us just about anything and we would have to advise you they're good bad or anything in between of taking that route services that.

we provide a lot of you in the room may have used our services already but just give you a basics of what we do obviously get read out on your own I'm not going to read that to you so it's early this morning we're going to talk about VA health care how it relates to v disabilities but also how it relates to your overall care okay we encourage veterans when they come in to see us this is one of the first benefits that.]

we start talking about because a lot of veterans just aren't aware that they're eligible for VA health care they may be struggling right now to with the cost of care but a lot of veterans have access to VA health care so just by a quick show of hands who's already using VA