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How To Purchase medicare dental plans

we put them side by side we let the clients choose but by Medicare Dental Plans having a network still inclusive it really helps from a rate standpoint and furthermore it doesn't force client to go one aware of the other they have a pretty reasonable chance that their debts are going to be a network.

Anyways but if not no word our network is almost four hundred thirty thousand access points nationwide that's prominently because of really our group division and the fact that we've got . billion dollars of in force whenever you're looking at one of our plan this link will be on there so you can look up a provider on the I should have it on this slide the average discounts with our with our network so the discount is very good so.


I mention at the beginning that I wanted to try to give you some stats and figures around why dental not necessarily why I'm Aires but just why dental as a whole here's the headline when you look at products outside of the core and I define core as ma med sub or PDP plants we look at products outside the core there's not a plan or product that exists out there that's going to have more natural demand than dental specifically we did a study and of those.

That are turning currently you know currently employed on group insurance percent of those that are turned and tend to get a dental plan for their retirement percent if you were to go through all the supplemental products that exist out there so if you're to pull people on Hospital indemnity on critical illness on cancer plans on final expense plans you know anything else you could potentially cross sell with Medicare there isn't going to be a product that is going to have a higher demand at.

no one's going to ask you do you have a good Hospital indemnity plan I'm not saying you can't sell hospital indemnity you should sell hospital and M&E; with your MA clients but dense a lot of everything is going

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