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Two maxillary central incisors are contacting each other the only surface in the mouth where we have this occurring number one surface or mesial surface is defined as that surface which is closest to the midline or as we go to the posterior to dental insurance Maryland.

It would be that surface closest to the anterior or to the front of the mouth in the midline would be the surface closest to the midline here our number- surface is our distal surface and it's simply defined as that surface.



Which is away from the midline or towards the posterior of the mouth as we go towards the posterior and it would be the surface opposite that of the mesial our number- surface has three terms really this is the surface which we see most commonly.

It's the facial surface that surface which is on the face side of the teeth it's the same on the maxillary and mandibular all these are actually so we can call it facial all the way from number one all the way around the number thirty to the side surface which is closest to the face dental insurance Maryland.

That's number three surface this also can be broken down into two different terms the facial surface in the anterior six teeth is called the labial surface it's number three surface again for record purposes and the facial surface in our posterior teeth it's generally called the buccal surface these buccal and ylabel.

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