Ameritas Dental Insurance


You get that diagnosed Dental care condition same veteran let's say they want to come in and file for the knee they have documentation over the injury just never filed their claim we would then file the intent to file along with the yeah there any other medical evidence that we need and then submit the application so.

That would fall on the date of eligibility or the date of application whichever is last okay so would be effective the date of this application develop your claim your for submitting a formal plan with an intent to file or informal claims you would have days from submission to finalize your claim so again no need rushing trying to put something forth.

We just need to slow it down figure out a plan submit the intent to file get everything together and then send it okay very important this third bullet all of our body aches are not associated with military service it just happens okay you bad back you bad okay more than likely do something going over your service but you know you can't put everything under.

The Sun that's wrong with you on the service it's just a slice of time whether you serve two years at you're still not going to have everything like the service I'm very fortunate working in heavy weapons I don't have engineering issues but you have some veterans who only shot on the range for two

Weeks and all their hearing is shot I mean you just have to sit down and realize okay are these things that are truly related to service or they're not okay that's just being honest with one another you also want to read all your decisions to avoid continuous trips to the well every other month or something different get that one grant.

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