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Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About California Dental Insurance

I was working was charging and then once I had my own California dental insurance is to be able to value what I needed to charge to bail to keep my business going pay my team and also to have a life that I wanted as well so it's been a bit of a journey in the learning curve for me.

So I've been there done that I felt very uncomfortable at times I've stumbled over California dental insurance I've choked in the middle of it and I mean literally choked on my own saliva in the middle of a case presentation and it's not something we get taught as dentists is how to speak to people.

I don't believe that we're really a lot of us natural-born salespeople otherwise would have gone into a sales role fortunately for me I have a partner who was from a sales and retail background and that supported me to understand what's needed both for myself.

For my team when it comes to selling dentistry so this is part six in my mastering the ABCs of our business for dentists and I'm Rachel hall of ascendency business coaching so I just want to talk about you know are we helping or selling and itself really a four-letter word is there such a thing as honest selling what is stead of selling dentistry to our

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