Ameritas Dental Insurance

full coverage dental insurance with no waiting period

 hese full coverage dental insurance with no waiting period these these quote-unquote silver fillings silver fillings are half a silver fillings are really an amalgam full coverage dental insurance with no waiting period .


Which means a mix of different metals and half of them are Merck half of the amalgam is mercury and they have to use special equipment to get the fillings out of your mouth have to get this special equipment um authorized by the EPA and I believe its hazmat equipment that handles hazardous material.

When they take it out the fumes and the vapors have to be sucked into this into this this vacuum in order to stop those vapors from from being from you from being exposed to it and they show the exposure that happens they have these these little videos called the smoking tools in which they show you know.

the vapors rising off of the fillings from being rubbed so like when you chew when you eat hot things the mercury leeches out into your system and there are people who are like coming at me talking about all this is stupid you're spreading wrong information and they're even saying that the white fillings are not as safe as.

the UM as the silver fillings saying that the white fillings break you have to get them redone they're made from PVC and all this other stuff so listen you have to do what's right for you me personally from the first hand account in testimonies which i have heard personally I don't feel comfortable with the mercury fillings in .

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