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Nightmare and for much of our history that's exactly what it was agonizing toothaches horrifying extractions and ill-fitting false teeth have cast this dark shadow over our dental past I'm Professor Joanna Burke and whilst writing and researching a recent book about the full coverage dental plans.



Of pain I discovered that down the centuries our teeth have been a constant source of agony suffering and woe in a world of perfect smiles and pain-free procedures we've overcome many of the things that made dentistry and our teeth something to be feared.

So why does sitting in the dentist's chair still evoke images of torture and horror I think history has a lot to answer for the past has left an indelible mark on our collective memory of full coverage dental plans in this film both chart hug dentistry has been transformed from a medieval back.

Street horror show into a gleaming modern science along the way we'll discover the horrifying lengths some would go to achieve the perfect smile so basically if you're rich enough you can actually get dead men's teeth I'll get hands-on with the barbaric tools of the trade I stick it in someone's mouth carefully yeah and I uncover the unlikely story.

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