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Ameritas Dental Seals the root canals in most cases a temporary filling is placed to close the opening until you see your dentist after your end don't List is finished you must return to your dentist to have your tooth properly restored with a filling or crown that protects the tooth and is important to ensure .

The success of your root canal treatment a tooth that has had root canal treatment often lasts a lifetime so you keep smiling with confidence hey guys it's Annie and ever since I found out about veneers I have wanted them so I decided I'm going to finally take the lead and get them from South land.

Dental care in Sherman Oaks California this is going to be a several week process so I thought I would bring you along for the ride all right so I'm here at South land dental and today I'm going to be getting my teeth professionally whitened basically what we're gonna do to get my perfect Smile is uh .

I really like my two front teeth but my issue that I have are these two teeth next to my front teeth grew in very small they're basically the size of baby teeth they've always bothered me so those definitely need to be made a little bit bigger also this canine tooth right here it's apparently.

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