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How To Buy Full Coverage Dental Insurance

We're going to go ahead and open up some opportunities for some Full Coverage Dental Insurance at the end so hopefully you guys all hang with us all right perfect well thank you Tammy and thank you for one for joining the webinar here this afternoon really excited to be with everyone .

I truly enjoy doing these webinars um if any of you kind of pay close attention to the the various emails of HCP and others send out you'll see that we do these webinars on a fairly consistent basis and this is something that.

I've been very intent on continuing to do I feel like it gives me kind of good perspective of the independent agents that are out there that are offering our products it kind of keeps perspective in terms of you know what's working what's not working what do folks like we're folks not like the other thing and don't like about.

Webinars it's just tough to get a grasp on the audience you know and so that's kind of one the reasons why I thought it was a great idea by Tammy to go ahead and kind of ask a question to on .

The front end in terms of just getting a better know the audience because my goal is to tailor this as much as possible now it's going to be semi boilerplate inevitably hopefully hopefully it's not to the point of boilerplate to .

Where you're thinking you know at the end of this like oh gosh another large company webinar that is not my goal as matter of fact whatever the opposite of that is that's my goal you know I mean my thought process says if .

you just wanted the facts and the figures you could probably go to YouTube or just call one of the folks at hcp or call emeritus and probably get to get that information a very timely manner so I'm going to try to go much beyond the facts and the figures in the boilerplate

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