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How to get private dental insurance

A big piece is Private dental insurance the research that we do a lot of people don't know this but we direct over a million dollars annually in research to discover a new SEM innate advanced technologies so a lot that we're doing and I think it's just important that people we go from big as small as people understand kind of .


What your military health system does for you so the secretary - the secretary defense  I mentioned a last slide our primary mission is is to ensure the health and readiness of America's servicemembers to go anywhere anytime so this is directly in alignment with secretary Madison's priority of increasing greatness and lethality so.

I think that's not a secret he's been clear about what his three priorities are in addition you'll see that one of his priorities is reform business processes so the military health system is one of the five areas that has been identified for reform when we when you look at that third bullet of his priorities so this is .

This is we're working with Commerce in DoD leadership to reform not only TRICARE like I mentioned but the entire military health system what you'll see on the left here is the current state of where we have three independent health systems really four if you count.

The National Capital Region and for those of you after the family members and reservists who have been to the military hospitals you know this approach currently results in a great degree of variability for your patient experience everything from how you make an appointment to the type of care you may receive.

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