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To seven percent are not in any network so then the rest ninety-five they released in one plan that's right that full coverage dental insurance in one plan that's a PPO and that's typically Delta is kind of like the Delta it was kind of the first in the marketplace ns-two actually started Delta in many states.

So if you took out Delta what percent of the dentists are on additional TVO's you know I don't I don't I don't have hard facts on that that particular one but I would think that that I would say at least mmm I think at least sixty percent would be more than two PPOs at least okay.



So let's how did this doctor who's taking okay look at the problem is very simple in dentistry so you know you you know you go to the ghost story by a bottled water the ghost or nose I bought this for cents I sell it for a buck you go into the dental office.

A patient a dentist gets done to an AM OD composite you say well what did that cost you to do that taking all your overhead and divided by the time we were in there how much I caught has no idea and then he signed up for different plans about full coverage dental insurance.

So he doesn't know what it costs to make the filling the crown I mean I've never met a dentist in my life who got known as a hygiene check stop there I said hey you've been checking Mary's hygiene for years she just did a cleaning examine bite wing.

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