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Is Dental Insurance Worth It? Has The Answer To Everything

Evident technique is giving to them another tool for their quiver dr. Wagner this is Lisa Leon you can go past I think I knew that Is dental insurance worth it or not. I should have known you from USC I graduated in so it was a long time ago maybe we did um.



How much vertical thickness is required for an implant supported dentures well you know really to get good strong resin and also know that Is dental insurance worth it? you need a couple millimeters and with a lot of these bar supported or bar retained over dentures you just don't have that space and so what.

They're showing but what most of us are doing now are using that monolithic technique with bars which gives you a chance of going to a minimal thickness and we're using super structures over bars which gives us strength to the denture itself.

We're not talking about that here um there are ways to do it and if you if you contact me at big jawbone calm or big jawbone at math calm we can talk more about it personally can you hear me the occlusal plane I'm excuse me the choice of an insurance.

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