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BC in ancient Greece if aqua teased himself wrote about the treatment of decaying teeth and gum disease Greek physicians also extracted teeth and used wire to stabilize teeth in the early first century AD Rome gained its first Emperor's and it is around this time with dental insurance texas.

But the Roman physician Kelso's was writing he was the first to describe a lead filling in a cavity but this was only to stabilize fragmented teeth for extraction around a Greek physician working in Rome ARCA Jeanne's suggested drilling out tooth decay.

Stuffing it with roasted earthworms and the crushed eggs of spiders the Romans gave dentistry its patron saint Apollonia in AD she was martyred in Alexandria all of her teeth were extracted forcibly this relic we from Portugal supposedly contains one of those teeth what of the Saxons and Vikings of the latter first millennium and in northern Europe well contrary to popular image dental insurance texas they tended to have really good teeth this is due to a relative

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