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top 10 tips about full coverage dental insurance with no waiting period

We look at Full Coverage dental insurance with no waiting period the reasons why people don't go to the dentist the number one reason is cost well if people are handling that cost objection by having insurance and they want to go to the dentist well then you as a dentist if you're accepting that you will see those patients .

Want to use that benefit that's already being paid for so as far as an office that would be that would be of a benefit to us we're again accomplishing our mission as a dental office by seeing these patients that is one of them service providing a service the service that's that's wanted out there another reason

maybe they might get something else and I'm thinking of but what's another possible reason Robert clean I think in general you probably have an increased case acceptance because the patient is viewing is viewing the fact that somebody else is going to be covering a portion of that of that cost

where if if they had a problem or something that need to be suffixed or solved and they had to come up with all that money out of pocket they may be less likely to do it I didn't think of that one but I've thought of in the pasture that wasn't one to two thank you friend why would you I would say just to increase case acceptance you know any patients look at it as and I try to tell them you know any better benefit is better than no benefit so let's use it let's

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