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Truth Of Full Coverage Dental Insurance

THE 8 KEY POINTS TO Full Coverage Dental Insurance


1. Hospital care costs: 48 euros

A post that can quickly flare up! The two lines to watch the reimbursement of the private room, the price of which ranges from 60 to 150 euros, and the assumption of surpassing the fees of surgeons and anesthetists.


2. General consultations and specialists: 100% BR

The coverage of the mutual is expressed as a percentage of the reimbursement base (BR) of the Secu (23 euros). When the mutual insurance company displays 100% BR Sécu included, it reimburses the 30% not covered by the Sécu (it covers only 70%), but not the overruns.


3. Optical equipment: 250 euros

Very poorly reimbursed by the Secu, this post is a strong argument for mutuals. Prefer packages expressed in euros and opt for partner opticians whose rates are up to 40% lower for glasses and 15% for frames.


4. Reimbursement of lenses: 100 euros

Their daily use can cost 1,000 euros per year, while the Secu does not reimburse most. So look carefully at the amount supported, in euros per eye and per year. Same as the line "refractive surgery" for the operations of myopia.


5. Dental implants and orthodontics: 200 euros

The stratospheric prices of prostheses, not reimbursed by the Secu, remain poorly compensated by the mutuals,Here again, the use of a care network can lower the score up to - 40% for an implant.


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6. Soft medicine: 25 euros

Auscultate if you are a fan of osteopathy or acupuncture, little or not supported by the Secu. The reimbursements of mutuals are limited to specific disciplines and defined in an amount per session and number in the year.


7. Support for third-party payment: Included

It avoids advancing costs on different items: pharmacy, analysis, hospitalization ... Have them clarify, as well as the list of licensed professionals; some networks also support the paying third party in dentistry and optics.


8. The clause under the guarantee table

To compare several mutuelles without bias, look at whether their benefits are "in addition to the participation of the mandatory general scheme (RO)," so in addition to the reimbursement of the Social Security, or in the including. A clause often below and in small print that makes the difference ...

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