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What Is full coverage dental insurance with no waiting period

Full Coverage Dental Insurance I mean when I when Americans go buy their iPhone do they have the delay of some insurance that some salesmen got that the boss to pay for insurance or smart full coverage dental insurance with no waiting period phone or smart phone interns I mean the fact that and these guys go out and sell I mean what would he how much insurance think they sold last year or for or how much insurance you mean.

I mean what would it belted in wasn't Delta like nineteen billion or something they're like billion just in California alone I would again I don't know the exact number on that but I wouldn't be surprised you know our profession at this point I think is what a hundred and fifteen billion or so is roughly the the dental profession and well and.

That would be the you know the total Billings if you will and insurance a lot of offices in the cities particularly you know there's sixty seventy percent if not higher dental insurance and percent deny insurance now they may or may be out of network on some percentage of that but in other words percent percent of the people walking in the door have got a insurance policy oh that's .

A Johnson sixty to seventy percent of patients taken with insurance came you know not not refused to seventy percent of revenue that's right yeah that's right I mean but the data is clear on that is that.

When people have dental insurance they're far more likely to go to the dentist they are and they just don't like it you know they give the American Dental Association , a year dues they don't sell any insurance and then here's Delta and all these companies selling you know billions and billions of dollars of getting getting employers to pay for billions and billions dollars of subsidies to their patients and all the dentists .

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